January 24 & 25, 2019: 10am-20pm

Flanders Expo Ghent, hall 3

The rough texture of the canvas has been plied over via broad coarse bristle brushes for an impasto feel. The marks have been pasted on in different directions, creating https://www.levitradosageus24.com/ viagra brand online energy and movement to the painting, which I find appealing.

“The Internet can do a lot, but people are looking for personal contact and they want to be inspired. Meeting many providers on a compact surface is still something people need. Visitors get an overview of innovations and technologies in their field. That is the power of every trade fair.”
Sabine Geldermann – Drupa Duitsland
“A specialist has to invest in specialized tools if he or she wants to deliver flawless tilework. Plus, quality tools last much longer and end up paying for themselves in the long-run.”
James De Smet – Tegelzetter Kampioen van België 2015
“Ceramic slabs in XXL formats, barely 6 thick that act as tile, kitchen counter, shower floor, facade covering, etc. We think architects, builders and tilers (with the required accompaniment) will be very excited about this in the coming year.”
Hendrik Pelgroms – Gavra Geel
“The ceramic industry is continually developing new products, so we have to do exactly the same thing in the natural stone sector. But with an adjusted market position and ditto marketing approach.”
Herwig Callewier – Beltrami
“It is to be expected that the strong growth of the quartz composite will slow down and stop some day. But that does not take away from the fact that there are still plenty of growth opportunities!”
Joris Mertens – Cosentino Belgium
“Technical datasheets by Febenat are experience documents with advice, based on the knowledge of the federation members. So that professional users and their private clients can pick the right natural stone for the right application at any time. And they have that guarantee only if they make sure they are well-informed in advance.”
Geert Legein - Febenat
”Ceramic tiles are definitely establishing themselves as a paving material for gardens and parks. But to make a garden complete often requires more than just tiles. Demanding customers want to apply the same material to other garden elements as well, such as a staircase, a stack wall, a pond or a pool.”
Marcel Verdickt – Michel Oprey & Beisterveld
“Customers want to be relieved of their worries and this trend is only going to continue. People like the convenience of one-stop shopping. They only have pick what they want.”
Johan Rosmalen – Van Wanrooij Bouw & Ontwikkeling Geffen (NL)
“You can get ceramic tiles now that are as big as the biggest natural stone slabs. And then there is also the inkjet technology that can give you the kind of finishing that you can’t even find or hardly ever find, on real wooden floors.”
Kurt Dheedene – Westvlaams Tegelhuis
“To the extent that it is possible, and if the customer has the budget for it, my special preference is for the natural stone and wood.”
Architect Gilles Frankignoulle